Taking a break, catch you in the new year.

by Steve Mackan (NVQ)

All of the contemplations that I have written down, and all of those I am yet to write, are forced into this world, like a Paul Coutts pass, by the Rolls Royce-functioning of a Lenovo Thinkpad that I bought from our Chris in 2015.

This laptop – a most special laptop – has been through a hell in recent weeks. Scoffing down a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle, whilst trying to type up a new CV with Blades Correspondent experience included, was a VERY bad choice. I sneezed. And then it spilled. The spicy hot liquid scalded my knuckles and severed the space bar. There is no Return; a rogue flick of noodle has seen to that.

I’ll stick by it though; it’s the only laptop for me. As I sit here, in a cybercafe on London Road, I know it’ll pull through. It’s in Ahmed’s capable hands. What he can’t do with electronics is not worth knowing. It’ll be back…and when it’s back, so will I be.

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